We’re glad you’ve stopped by our website at Hope Church in Ste Genevieve Missouri! We want you to know that God cares for you and has a great plan for your life in Christ. Our mission at Hope Church is to provide you with the word God so that you know the love God has for you, and to help you live in the fullness of Christ.

Hope Church is a spirit-filled church family for all ages and backgrounds, “a church for all  generations”, reaching our community and our world with the good news of Hope in Jesus Christ! Our worship is contemporary and our messages are Bible based and real-life oriented, giving people help and hope for daily living, as well as for eternity.

Thanks for stopping by! A good church home is vital for Christian health. If you are looking for a church home, you’re always welcome at Hope Church.
In His Service,

Pastor Joe Mancuso

Pastor Paul Hassler


Hope Church and Hope Christian Academy are located at 30 Triangle Drive Ste. Genevieve Mo 63670

Our Day Care Is Located At 12622 Hwy. O Ste. Genevieve